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The Sam4s ER180T that comes with Thermal printing is created for small retail and hospitality markets. This solution has ever more powerful features and easy operation which makes the ER-180T a Great Entry Level Machine. 

The Sam4S ER180T comes with a standard drawer.

Sam4s ER180 Thermal

  • Removable Key Caps to customise department names on the keys
    Drawer size: 4 notes / 4 Coins
    57mm Thermal Printer
    Rewind Spindle for Journal Printing is NOT included
    Alpha Programming Logo & Departments Key
    16 Departments on the keyboard
    500 PLUs Available!
    10 Clerks
    Automatic Date and Time updating
    Highly Reliable LED Operator Display
    48 Key Raised Keyboard
    Dimensions: 325mm x 420mm x 202mm
    Weight: 3.8Kg
    Allows you to put your business details and ABN on the receipt and prints the names of you products / departments on the End Of Day Sales Report and on the customer receipt.
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